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Horace the Cat, Wishfilled Thinking, Her Beef Stew, A Puppy Named Rufus, Emily Car, Whoa There Now Nelly, Loose Laces, Andrews Monster, Sammy's Gas and 7 O'clock Bedtime.

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A Puppy Named Rufus

Rufus lives with two children near a forest.
The children tell him to stay home, when they go to school.
Rufus runs away, has many adventures in the forest,
becomes lost, and discovers the importance of listening.

Soft Cover         8”x8”         ISBN 978-0-9689899-4-4

Horace the Cat

Horace is an overweight cat, who eats and eats
and eats some more. He eventually becomes stuck in his cat door
learning the benefits of eating less and exercising more.

Soft Cover         8”x8"         ISBN 978-0-9689899-2-0

Wishfilled Thinking    
A delightful story is about a tree who wishes,
that he was a rock so he could live much longer. 
After a futile attempt to scare himself and
dreaming of becoming a rock,
mother nature fulfils his wish in an unexpected way.

Soft Cover         8”x8”        
ISBN 978-0-9689899-7-5

Emily Car           

Emily unknowingly drives into a field of muck,
becoming stuck. One by one her friends arrive to assist her
and become stuck as well. They all learn
that a little give and take can resolve
even the stickiest of situations.

Soft Cover         8”x8”         ISBN 978-0-9865417-3-5 

Whoa There Now Nelly

Nelly has a glass eye which is a little loose.
Her vivid imagination causes her great anxiety,
when she eats the oats which make her sneeze.
The farmer is quick to quell her fears.

Soft Cover         8”x8”        
ISBN 978-0-9689899-9-9

Her Beef Stew

Let’s enjoy a visual snack,
while we visit a little girl who “knows”
there is something wrong with her beef stew.
This tasty story familiarizes children, to a
wide variety of vegetables, with a surprise ending.

Soft Cover         8”x8”        
ISBN 978-0-9865417-1-1

Loose Laces

Loose laces, is about a little boy
who only ties only one shoe. The loose lace in his other shoe
causes him all sorts of problems including a trip down the stairs.
His mother comes up with a solution while in the shoe store.  

Soft Cover         8X8”         ISBN  978-0-9865417-5-9

Sammy’s Gas

Sammy is a skunk who one day out of the blue,
wonders if his farts might have an odour.
After demanding to know and receiving no answer
from his old friend Hoot. Rabbit happening by, 
suffers no compunction in informing Sammy,
that they do indeed smell.
Surrounded by his friends Sammy learns
that sometimes the truth hurts. 

Soft Cover         8X8”         ISBN  978-0-9865417-7-3

Andrew’s Monster
This story deals with night-time fears,
monsters lurking under ones bed. 
While Andrew does have a vivid imagination,
there really is some creature under his bed.
Upon their meeting Andrew discovers
that his fears were unfounded.

Soft Cover         8X8”         ISBN 


7 O’clock Bedtime

This story is about a little boy who doesn’t want to go to bed.
After utilizing his many excuses and delaying tactics, interestingly
enough he discovers that his parents are smarter then him.....hmmmm.

Soft Cover 8”x8” ISBN 978-1-927536-10-0