School Visits & Fundraising

Dear Principal, Teacher and Librarian,

We are excited bring Professer Klunk to your school
Professer Clickity Klunk - A man in love with language
Professer Klunk professes across Canada with his whimsical, rhyming brand of cautionary tales which hide valuable lessons of growth for young minds.
“The whole idea behind my books is to get children interested in  reading, when you read then you develop your imagination and to succeed in this centurys work place, innovation will be an invaluable tool.”

Below are three of Klunks favorite quotes by Albert Einstein
Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Some of Professer Klunks themes include; excelling with a disability, the consequences of over eating and lack of exercise, the futility of worrying, learning to go back and forth to resolve a problem and the importance of listening.

About the shows; Professer Clickity Klunk has three to four different shows that he offers, depending on the grade level of the audience.


J K to Grade 1: Approximately 20 minutes - Childrens Stories

Grades 2 – 3:  Approximately 30 minutes - Childrens Stories

Grades 4 – 6
     Approximately 30 to 45 minutes - Professer Klunks unique stories plus humorous and thought provoking poetry, including several homograph poems i.e. wind, combine, record, one spelling, two meanings and pronunciations.  

Grades 7 & up :
Approximately 30 to 45 minutes - Poetry plus commercial language, Professer Klunks unique stories plus humorous and thought provoking poetry, including several homograph poems, including a list of homographs for the students to write their own homograph poem. In addition demonstrating how advertising companies are utilizing word play in their commercials and career opportunities for wordsmiths.

 $2.50 per student with a $250 minimum and they all receive a mini book.
Also included with my visit is a “send home book order sheet” 
(3books for $25.00 GST included)  with your library or school retaining 30% of sales.
For booking a Professer Klunk visit to your school, please call or e-mail for available dates.

 Tel 1-778-998-0167    e-mail


Using an consignment arrangement with moneys payable per number of books sold, offering your schools and organizations a 60/40 split. 

First drive
A Puppy Named Rufus, Horace the Cat and Wishfilled Thinking
Second drive  Whoa There Now Nelly, Her Beef Stew, and Emily Car 
Third drive  Loose Laces, Sammy's Gas and Andrew's Monster. 
With nine of my stories under Artists felts and brush, for drives four, five and six. 
Published in sets of ‘mini’ 3X3 inch, and 8"X8" fundraising formats.  These delightfully illustrated Cautionary Tales by Professer Klunk present a wholesome reading idea to sell to our community as a healthy alternative to chocolates.  They are fun, easy to read and affordable.
These packs of minis, are priced at $4.50 per set, while the 8X8 inch groups of three are priced at $25.00

gst and shipping included.
e-mail:  or phone 1-778-998-0167 BC    1-613-354-0356 Ont.